To use ModularBr, you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Delphi XE or higher installed on your machine.

  2. Knowledge of object-oriented programming, design patterns, and dependency injection.

  3. Basic understanding of the ModularBr architecture and how it works.

  4. An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) installed on your machine, such as Delphi.

  5. A Delphi project created and configured to use ModularBr.

  6. Understanding of how to create and configure modules in ModularBr.

  7. Understanding of how to create and configure routes in ModularBr.

  8. Understanding of how to create and configure binds in ModularBr.

  9. Knowledge of how to use the dependency injection system in ModularBr.

  10. Knowledge of how to utilize additional features of ModularBr, such as middlewares and guards.

Additionally, it's important to stay updated on the updates and news of ModularBr, as well as to follow the official documentation and engage with the developer community to exchange information and experiences regarding the platform's usage.

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