Ready to start using the ModularBr Framework?

With the easy and quick installation, you can start developing your modularized projects. Follow the simple installation steps and immediately begin harnessing the powerful feature of ModularBr. With advanced capabilities, you'll be able to create robust and scalable applications in no time. So, don't waste any more time, start installing and using ModularBr right away!

Git: Before downloading the DMFBr Framework, make sure that Git is installed on your machine. Git is a widely used version control tool that allows you to download and manage the DMFBr source code. If you don't have Git installed on your machine, we recommend downloading and installing it before proceeding. You can find more information on how to install Git on your machine on their official website.

Boss: Boss is an extremely useful auxiliary tool that can help you download and set up your project for using DMFBr. Additionally, it is capable of automatically downloading and configuring all the necessary dependencies for the proper functioning of DMFBr, making the environment ready for use quickly and efficiently.

Installing DMFBr and its dependencies

Please review the available options for installation and select the one that best suits your preferences:

# Installation via Boss
1. Make sure that Boss is installed on your computer.
   If you haven't installed it yet, download the executable file from the official website
   ( and run it to install.

boss install

2. Open your Delphi project in RAD Studio or create a new one and save it.
3. Open the command prompt in your operating system in the project folder.
4. Execute the following commands:

boss init
boss install dmfbr

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